We offer a dedicated service
for your specialist components.

Print your component in 3D, in colour, in large quantities. Send us the file for prototyping.
If you don't have a file, but just a great idea, contact our design team:

Mass print your design

With 3DTER, you can 3D print your custom component in large quantities. If you have a design ready, share it with us: we’ll print a prototype.
  • Mass printing
  • Shared prototyping
  • Robust thermoplastics
Contact us now to develop your design

Let’s design your idea together!

Do you have a brilliant idea to optimise your products with a unique, one-off design component, but you don't have the design file? Don't worry, we can deal with that!
  • Professional design
  • Shared files
  • Dedicated service
Our design team is here to help. Always!
stampa 3D di componenti industriali

"The team that helped print my component was extremely reliable and professional. We agreed the technical specifications of the print file together, along with the colours for each part. And I managed to print my customised component for my production line of mechanical objects in massive quantities."

- Fabrizio R.


mm thick


dpi resolution

332x189x247 mm

max. printing volume