3DTER: the only colour 3D printing service

The quality and the confidence of the HP name to satisfy your creativity:
3DTER has selected the HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D printer, the only multi jet fusion colour 3D printer.
The printer

Imagine you can manufacture components with integrated traceability and mechanisms. With 3DTER, you can design functional parts in colour whilst maintaining outstanding technical properties.

  • Thermoplastic parts with outstanding mechanical properties
  • Incredible detail and superior precision for even smaller features
  • Precise, repeatable results
  • Multiple design iterations in the time it takes to print a single part
The material

Printing your idea in 3D is done using PA12 (Polyamide) plastic powder with a melting point of 189°C / 372.2°F.

  • Robust thermoplastic material
  • High density parts to strengthen the structure
  • Resistant to oils, fats, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alkalis
  • Ideal for both coloured and white parts such as masks, fixtures, labelling, model presentations, functional prototypes
  • Optimise costs and quality: full-colour and white functional parts

48 hours

The minimum production time is 48 hours.

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3DTER: Print your creativity in colour 3D


mm thick


dpi resolution

332x189x247 mm

max. printing volume