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3DTER is the only online colour 3D printing service. Give form to your ideas: whether it’s a simple promotional/fun item or multi-coloured unicorns, the only limit is your imagination.

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promotional items

With 3DTER you can make a custom promotional/fun item that you won’t find in any catalogue but that comes straight from your imagination: for friends, clients, or simply to collect.

Thanks to the superior precision of Multi Jet Fusion technology, the possibilities are practically endless!


Making your ideas happen has never been so easy!
Thanks to our professional service and colour 3D printing, you can unleash your creativity, creating highly functional products with great aesthetic appeal.


Precision, speed and savings.
The 3D technology in our HP Multi Jet Fusion printer is the best choice if you want to hold a prototype in your hands, if you want to run some functional tests, or if you want mass production for end use.

Do you need some help with the design? Our prototyping team is here to help: contact us now!

An explosion of colours wherever you want them!

Our HP Jet Fusion 580 Color 3D printer is the first multi jet fusion printer in the world that lets you selectively colour the parts of your printed piece.















“3DTER is an easy and fast way to get unbeatable 3D prints in a short time and also, in my case, in large quantities. I recommend it to everyone: even if you don’t have the .3mf file, you can ask their design team for help. They’re the professionals!”

- Damiano L.


mm thick


dpi resolution

332x189x247 mm

max. printing volume